**If you have purchased any of my Hoppe Jewels pieces, please take a moment to leave a testimonial about your fave pieces, any compliments you've received, any new customers you sent my way, the customer service that you received, etc. THANK YOU! 

Quotes I have been buying from Hoppe Jewels for about 3 years now, I own about 15 bracelets, each one is absolulty beautiful, she makes special pieces for me, like when my husband died last year she made me a bracelet with his name on it, No matter what i ask her to do it's never too much for her, I am always delighted when i see my package arrive, I wear about 10 bracelets at once and they get a lot of attention, so iIm a walking advertisment for her. I just ordered another yesterday, She has a life long customer with me, you will never be disappointed. Quotes

Quotes I LOVE all my Hoppe Jewels!!!! I have three daughters and Emily always comes up with the best ideas for gifts for them!! She has great taste and will let you know when she makes something you will like!! Always unique, not on every arm!!! My friends are always asking me where I get those "great pieces"...I tell them Hoppe Jewels!! Quotes
Peggy M.

Quotes I recently purchased my second bracelet and am looking forward to the next one already! I was introduced to Emily through a mutual friend and, in turn, have referred a few of my friends. I couldn't be happier with the quality and style of Emily's pieces. I wish her nothing but continued success. Quotes
Peter Bruno
Happy Hoppe Customer

Quotes "LOVE" is an understatement regarding my Hoppe Jewels! I have gotten so many compliments on the bracelets I have ordered from her, that I feel like a princess while wearing them. The bracelets are very well made with top of the line beading and I couldn't be anymore pleased! I will forever be a loyal customer! Kristie Feldt Hoppe Jewels fan Quotes
Kristie Feldt
A satisfied customer

Quotes My mom just got finished with her radiation treatments for breast cancer and I wanted to get her something to show how proud I am of her and how much I love her. I heard about Hoppe Jewels through a friend and thought that mom would love a bracelet. Hoppe Jewels has a great selection to choose from but I decided on the pink quartz bracelet ! I know my mother will love it !! My bracelet was shipped right away and I was so surprised to receive my package so soon !! I will certainly come back again and again !! Thank you Hoppe Jewels !! Quotes
Eric Binkley
Very satisfied customer !!

Quotes I met the artist (that is what she is) through a mutual friend. I have bought many many of her creative pieces. I love each one. If you are looking for a one of a kind piece of jewelry made by a true artist that never disappoints, this is the lady to buy from. I am an avid fan of her work and intend to be for years to come. Love love love my Hoppe Jewels!!!! Quotes
Melissa Bono
Hoppe Jewels super fan

Quotes I recommend Hoppe Jewels jewelry to EVERYONE! Emily is an amazing and talented woman! I have 3 bracelets! If it was up to me...I'd have a lot more than that! :-) Also,thank you so much for all of your support with my diagnosis of CRPS/RSD. It means the world to me that you are helping me raise funds for my treatment! You are amazing! And so are your amazing pieces! Your summer pieces are gorgeous! I know some people that will definitely want them! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND HOPPE JEWELS TO EVERYONE! High quality ,beautiful jewelry.. With very affordable pieces! Thank you Emily! Awesome site ;-) Quotes
Heather Lynn
LOVE Hoppe Jewels!

Quotes i have bought 4 braclets one for myself and others for my daughters i love them great price and made bvery strong Quotes
yvonne thomas

Quotes I have been beyond pleased with my many purchases including earring and bracelets for myself , my niece, my lil girls friends, and my lil girl...all were ❤️ ! I have recently had to curb the jewelry buying but look to more purchases in the future . All of my purchases many custom sizing etc arrived quickly and were exactly if not better than I envisioned. Emily is a college friend and I was so glad to reconnect and discover her amazing collection. Quotes
mom who loves jewelry

Quotes If you don't have any of the Hoppe Jewels, you are missing out!! Quality materials, lots of creativity, very unique pieces and custom as well!!! They make the best gifts! You won't see anyone else wearing what you have on!! Emily does a wonderful job of creating a wide variety of styles, male and female, that just look beautiful and hold up great. Get you some!!! Quotes
Peggy Monie
Hoppe Jewels Junkie
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