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Quotes I always get compliments on my bracelets, and have worn them with pride on my cross-country travels. A number of my friends, particularly Kelsey Hall, have learned of Hoppe Jewels from me, and have added several pieces to their own collections. Congrats, Emily!! Quotes
Timothy Kimbell II
Hoppe Jewels Fan & Friend

Quotes I met Emily YEEEARS AGO and just found her on fb through some other friends and instantly fell in love with her bracelets. I immediately chose my favorites and picked them up today. I can't wait to wear them and I chose a black one with a scissors charm to send to my cousin Stephanie who just started cosmetology school. So excited to get more of Emily's fun jewelry! Quotes
Navada Stucking

Quotes I LOVE my Hoppe Jewels! I have over a dozen myself and have purchased more as gifts. There is something for everyone and every outfit?plus they're each as unique as you are. Lately I've been obsessed with my beachy HJ bracelets in orange, turquoise, and periwinkle. ♥ Quotes
Erin Generally
Frequent Customer
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